6 of the Top Music Cities in the World

There is no dearth of cities for music lovers to explore. UNESCO has a list of Creative Cities for Music further adding to the number of possible places to head for a music-themed vacation. From classical to techno and everything in between, here are some of the top music cities in the world.

Austin, Texas, USA
Points of interest: Touted as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, a vibrant music scene, a great place to find and watch performances of great bands, home to over 200 live music venues; events and festivals like the Austin City Limits, the Pecan Street Festival, Sound on Sound Festival, South by Southwest, and Urban Music Festival among several others

Berlin, Germany
Points of interest: Techno and electronic music scene, an artistic and performance hub and has once been home to renowned artists like David Bowie, the best clubbing scene in Europe, symphony orchestras for classical music lovers

Bologna, Italy
Points of interest: Listed as a UNESCO City of Music in 2006; an excellent destination for classical, electronic, folk, jazz, and opera lovers; various events and music venues; music-centric attractions like the International Museum and Library of Music and the Teatro Communale

Leipzig, Germany
Points of interest: A city where legendary composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach spent years as the director of the St Thomas Choir, birthplace of famous composer and conductor Wilhelm Richard Wagner, classical music hub; top attractions that include the International Bach Competition Festival, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Leipzig Music Trail consisting of several music related points of interest, of Music and Theatre, and the Wave-Gothik-Treffen Festival.

London, UK
Points of interest: Plenty of attractions and sights for music lovers; classical, contemporary, opera, jazz, and more; top-rated music venues like the Barbican Center and more; other music must see destinations include the 100 Club, Abbey Road, Denmark Street, Handel House Museum, Honest Jon’s Records, Music Gallery at Horniman Museum, Royal Albert Hall, and a wide array of jazz clubs

Milan, Italy
Milan is the ideal place for opera buffs, as well as electro and dance fans. La Scala is perhaps the finest opera house in Italy. Dating back to 1778, the venue has premiered works by Verdi, Stockhausen, and Puccini, including Turandot and Madame Butterfly. You can explore the history of the opera house at the Museo Teatrale alla Scale, or you can head to the Milan Auditorium where the Verdi Symphony Orchestra and Choir are based. The nightclub scene is very strong here, too, and fans should head to venues like Fabrique Milano, Black Hole, and Circolo Magnolia.

7 TED Talks That Will Inspire You to Travel

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. ― Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It

Whether you are a globetrotter, an occasional traveler, or planning to take your first trip overseas, these TED Talks on travel will give you some serious wanderlust. Or at the very least, it will make you start thinking about setting out more to unfamiliar destinations and experience life in all its glorious moments while on the road.

Ann Morgan: My year reading a book from every country in the world

Highlights: A reading journey that aims to read one book from each country across the globe. And a call for people to consider reading translated works of foreign authors and the perks one gets from doing it.

Aziz Abu Sarah: For more tolerance, we need more … tourism?

Highlights: As Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. This talk touches on how a simple thing as traveling – of being a tourist, interacting with people from different cultures and background can diminish hate and perhaps even foster more understanding.

Ben Saunders: Why bother leaving the house?

Highlights: An explorer’s take on why people should go outside. Not because it is a perfect world out there. But because despite the unpleasantness and not-so-good things that happen at times, much of what life is about may be found out there.

Hugh Evans: What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

Highlights: An uplifting talk about what makes a global citizen and how global citizenship can spark and impact change.

Kitra Cahana: A glimpse of life on the road

Highlights: A photojournalist’s look into the nomadic lifestyle of people constantly on the road and who have made vagabonding a way of life.

Pico Iyer: Where is home?

Highlights: A talk that makes you think of what truly makes a home in a time when a growing number of people living in countries other than their own. It also reflects on the happiness that comes with traveling, and how standing still creates tranquility.

Vincent Moon and Nana Vasconcelos: Hidden music rituals around the world

Highlights: A compelling story of a journey that captures the music and rituals rarely seen.